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Hungarian PDA software development company. Most well-known and successful project is Legacy game series: Legacy 1 and The Quest (Legacy 2).

To the top of the page Reference and information resources on the main game and expansions

PDF format maps
Set of detailed maps of initial (main) Legacy world and King's Aide expansion - PDF format (author - Lele Dainesi): Decrantes and surrounding areas, Beraquel and surrounding areas (part 1), Beraquel and surrounding areas (part 2), Grendelmoore and surrounding areas (part 1), Grendelmoore and surrounding areas (part 2), Final game areas, King's Aide expansion.
Another collection of game expansions and links to miscellaneous resources on Legacy and The Quest.
Detailed reference pages and walkthrough dedicated to some Legacy expansions. Easy-to-grasp form of information provision, full quest coverage, etc.

Legacy hints&tips on
Another reference pages and walkthrough dedicated to Legacy main world and some old expansions. Lots of general information and useful tips for beginners.

Toby's map collection
A set of some complex (or hidden) maps of Legacy main world in the form of separate pictures.

Legacy interactive map (by Markus Birth)
Interactive map to the main Legacy world and several old expansions. Requires Java Script, access the file legacymap.html to start viewing map. You can download offline version for local use - both from author's site and from here.

To the top of the page Forums dedicated to Legacy and expansions Forum
Populous and lively forum dedicated to PDA software and games. Most topics within its game section are about Legacy and add-ons. During off-line period of PDArcade (see below) many game fans and expansion makers moved here. Forum
Very popular forum dedicated to PDA software and games. Separate large section on Legacy game. Main place for the communication of advanced fans, expansion creators and game developers until its off-line period in mid-2006. From July to October of 2006 the forum was off-line, but starting from November 2006 it is back.

World of Danega Forum
Forum hosted by Omega Concept expansion author. A place of communication for quite small group of Legacy addicts, most of them are actively creating or beta-testing new expansions. Not too much topics there, but most of them are dealing with interesting matters. Forum
Main forum for The Quest (Legacy 2) testing and game discussions.

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