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Title: Legacy 1.05
Type: Official basic version of the game
> payware <
Author: RedShift
Hungarian PDA software development company. Most well-known project is Legacy game series.
Released: 26.03.2004
Price: $19,99
Entrance: Decrantes
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Author's Description:

We are fans of the old-style rpg games, such as Eye of the Beholder, Black Crypt, Might&Magic... and we decided to make an rpg for PDA users. The whole gameplay is designed by us, but of course we found good ideas in these old rpgs. It's turn-based but sometimes you may feel it's real-time.

Legacy features:

  • Huge worlds to explore, with FREE world editor to provide customized continuous game play that will make this the most played game in your collection.
  • Beautifully rendered, eye-popping graphics never before seen on this platform.
  • Hours of play that will keep you coming back for more and more.
  • You're not alone in this game. Staying true to the RPG theme, you create your own party of multiple talented members.
  • Hundreds of different items, armors, and weapons each with their own special attributes. Encounter items made from treasured favorite materials like EBONY and MITHRIL.
  • Detailed info on every member, item, spell gives you the information you need to set up your ideal party or conquer any foe.
  • Visit the taverns and join in a fantasy card game where you can even use spells to play.
  • Beware the many types of monsters, each also with its own unique properties including: attack/defend capabilities, resistances, life force, spell knowledge, and spell chance. These monsters are not just sitting around waiting for a fight, they interact with the environment. Don't count on that monster to stay put behind closed doors, some types can even open doors!
  • Experience our distinctive wear/wield system, meaning what you see is what you get.
  • Beautiful animations and sound effects. Doors realistically open and close. Candle flames, monster activities, ambient sounds and other special effects create the perfect RPG environment.


Author's description is true almost for every moment of the game. Many people have played this game for years :)


Completed project.
In mid-August of 2006 Legacy 2 (under the new title The Quest) was released. The price is 24.99 $.

Bugs, problems, unsolvable quests:

Two serious bugs are significantly affecting the game process:

(1) There is a possibility to pick the sequence of actions preventing your party from ending the current round while restoring their ability to fight, so you can hit any monster as long as you wish with no retaliation (I won't say what is this sequence exactly; if you don't know it yet - please forget about this bug and don't spoil your game);
Solution: do not use this bug even if you are able to :)

(2) Character is levelling up ok only for levels 1-50. Once character has reached this threshold, there is a great chance that his level will leap by dozens or even hundreds of units, e.g. 74 instead of 51 or 480 instead of 56, etc. It is not possible to prevent this bug by loading earlier savegame. After 2-3 of such "leaps" the game starts freezing or crashing.
Solution: After the first "level leap" take the gear off the affected character and drop him/her in some tavern; hire the novice character in replacement. The trophies your party should have by this moment will ensure that even Level 1 character can easily defeat almost anyone.

Third bug exists only for Symbian S60 users:

(3) Original S60 game version contains a number of minor and not-so-minor bugs and glitches hitting player mostly in expansions (e.g. you cannot buy the second part of the map to the Madness Maze - you are informed that you lack courage, etc.)
Solution: contact Stewe of RedShift at the address ; ask for S60 version patch; if your main game purchase details are ok, you'll get it.

Fourth bug seem to exist mostly for Palm users:

(4) Sometimes you can encounter Clean Way bug (if you are attacked by two or more enemies from different sides and trying to Clean Way the same enemy that your other adventures attacked, the game may crash). It is Legacy engine bug and cannot be fixed in any of expandions.
Solution: If you have to use this spell, attack one enemy, then turn and Clean Way the other one to avoid crashing.

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Title: Legacy Editor
Type: Free tool for registered users of the game
Author: RedShift
Hungarian PDA software development company. Most well-known project is Legacy game series.
Released: 25.02.2004
(initial version)
(latest version)
Price: $0,00
Links: Editor ManualForum Discussion (Link 1)Forum Discussion (Link 2)


Legacy map editor is the tool allowed various people (sometimes not related to game developer at all) to create the huge collection of game expansions listed at these pages. The Editor is a useful thing but quite complicated tool so not every Legacy fan can succeed in expansion development.

Where to get it:

If you have purchased the main Legacy game, you can email Stewe of RedShift at . Please quote your purchase details in your request and ask for Legacy Editor. If your details are ok, Stewe will provide you the copy of the tool.


Completed project.


The editor latest version's map format differs from old one. While both expansions created in old editor and new editor work well in Legacy game, you cannot open the newer .pdb files in old version of this tool.

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