New beta is released for The Great School expansion. A number of bugs fixed according to latest tester reports. Also, Resources Section now contains a direct link to online version of interactive Legacy map by Markus Birth.


Check the newer version of Mind Traps add-on - it is slightly updated yesterday. Also, beta testing period is over for Galinhola I map - now you can download its final version!


Both parts of Wizardry scenario adaptation are updated, Proving Grounds (remastered using newer editor version) and Knight of Diamonds (some beta fixes and changes).


Since I have failed to get in touch with my previous hoster at (they have lost my account and hosting with all its content and not accessible by email or internal messaging system for about a week after the service recovery), I've moved Legacied expansion collection to other hoster. Now it is accessible at


The information links to certain expansion related threads on PDArcade forum are finally fixed and now reflects the most recent changes in PDArcade forum structure. Galinhola final beta map is updated with several bugfixes.


Screnci expansion description is supplemented with links to helpful utility-map by Electriclegends. This utility-map solves the problem of unremoved alternative quests in this expansion.


Legacied site mirror at is down for about a week by now. Hoster announced that his database was damaged due to hacker attack and everything is to be resored in a few days. I can only add that if by November 10-11 the problem will not be fixed, Legacied mirror will move to other hosting.


Final beta version of The Great School expansion is available.


Fixed the description and changed the position in the list for Land of Despair expansion. Wild Celts add-on is updated with the latest version released at mid-October. Added the links to 2 new walkthroughs now available at - for Elvira and Screnci mods.


Posted the new (beta) version of The Great School expansion - several new areas are available to play. In addition, initial public beta is now available for Knight of Diamonds (Wizardry 2) add-on.


PDArcade forum is finally available in full-scale mode. Forum's general look is altered; old messages are still there but the addresses of threads are completely changed. Information links in descriptions of separate expansions at Legacied are to be fixed within next week or two.


Final release candidate of Galinhola beta map is now available. Also new expansion development is announced, Galinhola II: The City of Laguan.


New expansion under development is announced, Knight of Diamonds by Werdna (author of Proving Grounds and Paris 2102).


Dragon Way expansion is significantly modified. It is still small but not a cheatmap anymore :)


Another update of Galinhola map. And bad news in addition: PDArcade forum is closed again. Let us hope it is because of final changes necessary to launch it in full-scale mode (it was working in test mode last week). Due to offline status of PDArcade, all info links leading to its topics from expansion descriptions are currently not operational.


Dragon Way and Galinhola map versions are updated.


The Great School (beta) expansion is modified and significantly extended. Also, the description of Omega Concept map is now full and correct. With respect to revival of PDArcade forum, addresses of corresponding PDArcade threads are added to information links for almost each mod.


Several months passed since the day when PDArcade forum has gone offline. Now it is back! :) The largest Legacy related information source on the web, a place of communication with game developers, expansion creators and expert players is available on its old addrees again. The database is the same - almost all profiles and messages remained.


Galinhola map is updated one more time.


The description of stubborn/unsolvable quests in Omega Concept expansion is corrected.


New mod is added to collection, The Great School. Galinhola expansion is updated again.


Seems good old PDArcade forum is coming back to life - under new name at a new address. At least this message on site reviving the hopes of many Legacy players and expansion developers.


Added the link to Land of Despair solution that was recently published on site.


Another small expansion in the list, Mind Traps. Updated the Galinhola add-on.


New expansion is added to list - Galinhola (public beta).


Expansions that were modified after the official release date now contain the date of last update as well. Also the changes are made to descriptions of Sequentoni, Wild Celts, main game. Cheatmaps are shifted towards the end of the list.


Added new small expansion, Maze of IgorBuz. Changed the description of Gyffes Revenge add-on.


First version of these pages is published.


RedShift has released the long-awaited sequel to their bestseller Legacy - The Quest (Legacy 2) game.

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